New Ways of Decorating With Vintage Collectibles

Searching and purchasing prized antiques and collectibles may be your hobby or your primary business. Whichever it is, there are times when you come across a piece that you simply must own. If you are shopping with a friend or family member who does not share your passion the question they will ask of you is “Where will you put that?

The hobbyist collector may be dissuaded from purchasing the item when such a question is asked. The serious collector knows a place can be found and calmly responds in that way.

Change the Setting

Changing the room or place of an item can highlight its beauty and uniqueness. For example; quilts have long been used practically in bedrooms. Rather than keeping all the quilts in your collection in the bedrooms, try scattering them about the house. Place quilts on the arm of a chair, or the back of the couch. Set aside a basket in the living area to showcase them where they can be enjoyed by visitors and pulled out to use for extra warmth during family movie marathon night.

China cups and candy dishes need not be confined to areas in the house where there is food. Place china cups on tables in the living area, in the bathroom decorated with tiny flowers where they double as a vase. Avoid using live flowers as the water may stain the porcelain of the cup.

Place a favorite doll of two on a chair in a hallway or living room. If you have several dolls, try setting dolls around a child size table and showcase that miniature tea set you won at auction!

Guidelines for Displaying Your Collectibles

1. Place breakables away from, high traffic areas, use shelves that cannot easily be reached but are easily visible.

2. Place several similar items together for greater impact. Usually three items makes a nice display.

3. Place delicate textiles, photos, and paper items, including books, away from sunlight, heat, and damp. Avoid touching such items as the oils from our skin are transferred to these types of items.

4. Investigate any item before cleaning. A poor cleaning with improper cleansers cannot be undone and will devalue the piece tremendously.

Enjoy Your Collections

Remember the excitement when you purchased an item. Most of us buy because an item is pleasing to the eye, reminds us of an earlier time in our lives, or maybe the piece is similar to one we once had and we buy our past through purchasing the piece.

Whatever the reason for your purchase, enjoy it. Display your pieces safely so that you can see and enjoy them daily. For example, china has the practical use of holding our food while we eat. The china we bought probably is not dishwasher and microwaveable safe. The hand painting and fine antique porcelain must be hand washed. Embrace your collections and enjoy the full experience of them, even if it means hand washing and drying.

Most importantly, display your pieces where you can easily use and enjoy them.

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