How to Self-Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction and Natural Remedies

Having erectile dysfunction can be a cause of concern for many men especially as it can have an effect on self-esteem and their sex life. This minor ailment should not be dismissed so lightly, as research has shown that millions of men will suffer from it at some point in their lives, and mostly affects a large population of the over 40s. The older you get, the more prone you are to suffer from ED.

The cause of Erectile Dysfunction is poor blood circulation to the penis. It is easy to see how older people become prone to ED due to poor blood circulation that occurs during aging caused by clogged arteries, and build up of arterial plaque that reduces blood circulation.

Not only is the build up of arterial plaque or Atherosclerosis, the correct medical term for the disease, bad for erectile performance, but overall poor blood circulation is also a risk for heart health. Having Erectile Dysfunction could actually be the symptom of a more severe underlying problem such as problems with the heart.

The first thing to decide is how bad your erectile dysfunction is. You might just have a mild form where your erections are simply limp, and doesn't stay hard for long. In this case, you can try some natural remedies for example herbs that are like natural Viagra. Such herbs that are like natural Viagra can be found in supplements for men.

If you still wake up with an erection then this is good, this is a sign of healthy erectile performance. If you no longer wake up with erections, this could be a sign you have ED. If you think your ED is so severe, as in complete inability to get an erection, then you might need to see a medical doctor to get a checkover, which is advisable, as discussed it could be a symptom of a more severe underlying problem. A prescription of Viagra can be obtained if you have erectile dysfunction quite bad, but the doctor will only prescribe if he deems necessary.

If you think you just have a milder form, then you can eat lots of fruit that helps with blood circulation, due to natural antioxidants that help unclog arteries, improving blood blood flow. Get plenty of sleep to improve energy levels, and drink more water, caffeine and alcohol can constrict blood vessels which reduces blood flow.

Vasodilation is a term that means the expansion of arteries as opposed to vasoconstriction which is the opposite and a term used to describe the constriction of arteries. National vasoconstrictors such as caffeine, alcohol, and smoking can constrict your blood vessels which has the effect of restricting blood flow. Fruit on the other hand, contain antioxidants which are natural vasodilators. These antioxidants help neutralize free radicals in the blood to prevent build up of unwanted arterial plaque and so helps blood flow remain robust and healthy.

Eating lots of fruit and vegetable thus can help improve blood circulation which in turn will have an effect on erectile strength. There are also many natural herbs – herbs, roots, plants, and tree barks etc, that are used to boost male virility and libido, as the natural extracts found to have vasodilating properties. Many such herbs are used in natural male enhancement supplements – those supplements taken by men to improve libido, boost vitality, and in some cases help improve their erectile performance.

Some herbs are known can improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction due to their natural vasodilating properties, such as yohimbe, a west African bark, Tongkat Ali, a root from Indonesia, and muira puima, a root from south America.

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