How I Recruit Doctors for Ardyss International

Recruiting doctors for Ardyss International is a much sought after opportunity for distributors. Within the last year, dozens of highly respected physicians from across the nation have joined the company. If you are considering recruiting your own doctor for Ardyss International its critical that you know what to say and how to approach them with this opportunity. Ardyss is one of the best health and wellness companies in the industry today. Understanding how the products work and what type of doctors to consider for the products will help you build your business exponentially.

Dr Lee Laney, a Gastroenterologist, is a leading doctor in Ardyss International. He has formed a collaborative group known as the Ardyss Doctors. Among the top physicians are Dr Toni Farmer (ENT), Dr Webb (Oncologist), Dr Cecil Forbes (Chiropractor), and Dr Marisha Agana (Pediatrician), Dr Lawrence Nelson (Chiropractor), and Dr Abudul-Aal (Ob/Gyn). These doctors present weekly webinars on the latest benefits of Ardyss products and provide information about their studies and experiences with patients.

I’ve followed these doctors since their arrival into Ardyss and have attended many of their weekly presentations and have found the information they present to be invaluable. The doctors provide information about how they have used the products and which nutritional supplements they recommend to their patients for ailments.

I have had success recruiting physicians into my organization because I have learned from these doctors. I have in turn received many phone calls and emails from around the country from distributors asking how to recruit doctors for Ardyss. We are all excited about where Ardyss is headed and I wanted to publish this article to help future distributors know what you should do if you decide to approach doctors about the company.

Tip #1 Learn the benefits and features of each garment that Ardyss manufactures. There are 28 garments for men and women and you should understand how the garments are constructed, how they are used, and what benefits each garment can provide to their patients given the field of practice for the physician.

Tip #2 The nutritional line features 24 products and you should know the benefits of each and the nutritional composition. It is imperative that you understand how these products impact the body and how doctors can use them for certain ailments. I’ve listed these to give you a quick summary: Memory Charge (memory supplement), to Ardyss Plus (liquid multivitamin), to Nocol (menopause), to Thermogen Plus (weight loss supplement), Coral Calcium (bone and skeletal system),Triple Lifeline (Omega 3-6-9), Cran Aloe (urinary tract, gastric problems), Power Boost (sexual potency),Top Fiber (digestive system), Pure Noni (immune system), Nutri Shake (weight loss), Enerlife (energy/mental stability), Super Digestive Support (digestion/inflammation of intestines), Ultra Body Cleanse (maintain healthy bowel function), Ardyss Mangostana Plus(heart function), Collaffee Llife (skin and complexion), Sweet Control (blood sugar regulator), Green 29 (vegetables supplement), AM/PM (weight loss/appetite suppressant).

Tip #3 Encourage your potential doctor to attend a weekly webinar that is scheduled to learn more about the products from doctors already using the products in their practice. In some respects it is easier to have doctors recruit doctors because they understand that doctors have taken an oath to do no harm to their patients. You can check in with your doctor after the webinar and see if they have any questions, if they do and you don’t know the answers schedule a phone call with any of the doctors listed above. Google Ardyss Doctors Showcase for more information.

Tip #4 Money is not really a huge motivator for doctors. Doctors are more than likely to be interested in the difference the products can make for their patients. You should read other articles I’ve published about Ardyss products and understand how to explain introducing the products to physicians in a way that they can see the benefit and how it can add additional revenue to their practice.

Tip #5 Doctors can be skeptical of anything that may have negative side effects for their patients. The company has seen a high enrollment of doctors coming into this Multi-level marketing business over the last year. Many believe it is because of the opportunity the company offers with a great compensation plan. You should know how to explain the 10 ways to get paid through Ardyss at the very least.

Tip #6 Promote your outreach to doctors by using products from Dr Laney’s site. On the site you will find CDs specific to certain fields of practice, postcards for mailings, speaking engagements requests, and webinar updates.

Tip #7 Learn to connect with the receptionist in the office. Always be pleasant she/he will provide you access to the doctor and help you get a meeting. Always leave your card.

Tip #8 Always offer to buy the staff lunch if you are given the opportunity to do a lunchtime presentation.

Tip #9 Make sure you have the right products to present for your presentation from the Ardyss line.

Tip #10 Be enthusiastic and if need be write out your notes for your presentation. You only have one chance to make an impression.

I have successfully used all the tips to recruit Doctors, Holistic Practitioners, and Acupuncturist for Ardyss International. If you implement these tips you will be able to effectively recruit doctors for your business.

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