Healthcare Telemarketing – Don't Keep The Doctors Waiting!

Whether they're a private practice or part of a larger institution, you should never keep doctors waiting when they're calling you for customer support. That means you need to properly invest in your telemarketing resources.

But first, you might wonder why doctors have to call you for help in the first place. Why do you still need telemarketing? Can't they send an email? Why can't they read your website first? Don't your medical tools come with proper instructions and a repair manual? Doesn't social media give them the community to help resolve those problems?

Chances are, they may have already gone through all those resources (or at least most of them). You're talking about doctors here and they're highly expected to be resourceful. The fact that they're calling you instead of consulting anything else could only mean that you're the only recourse left.

That could also mean that there's a very serious problem and you do not want to keep them waiting any longer. And speaking of waiting, there's no doubt they've already spent enough time as it is going through all the other alternatives. Think about it: They've spent an hour consulting your manual or reading your website and still no solution. They could've spent another hour waiting for replies on social media. Those responses in turn could just lead them to your customer support.

Therefore, why keep them waiting?

In fact, here are more reasons to not keep them waiting and what bad practices you need to eliminate immediately:

  • It's a serious emergency – A piece of equipment could have experienced strange and dangerous difficulties functioning. They want your input to help fix it right away because it's much needed. They may have just received a call from a federal agency and need immediate compliance consultation on the matter. These two are just some of the many likely scenarios where they'd want to call you right away instead of plowing through manuals or websites. In fact, you might even want to consider appointment setting to give them a full scope of your understanding.
  • Your call center is only wasting more time – Even if it's not that critical an emergency, they still have other things to do. Don't keep them in an automated loop and ask for more than a minute before they can talk to a real human being. You should also consider the fact that they may not even have understood the manuals or the websites properly. Clarifying things requires human interaction. (And on a side note, it takes human insight to re-evaluate the content of your customers can't understand.)
  • Bad customer service results in bad referrals – This may be stating the obvious but it's critical in an age where entire markets are influenced by communities and customer referrals. Bad customer service will have a negative impact on your reputation as a whole. Information on such bad services will spread like wildfire through social networks and possibly even internet news outlets. And with bad news like this influencing your market, you'll have slimmer chances of success in both marketing and sales.

Doctors are among the most highly credited professionals in the world. If they're calling your customer support, don't expect their problems to be petty. These could be problems that need immediate attention so you should never think about keeping them waiting on the line.

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