6 Reasons for Doctors to Hire Outsourced Receptionists

The internet has made almost everything possible. Outsourcing has seen huge improvements in recent years as the internet continues to expand. Many companies from different industries have sought the assistance of outsourced workers who offer high quality work at an inexpensive price. Today, the most popular type of outsourcing is the hiring of virtual receptionists which are very in demand in almost all industries.

One industry which has started to take advantage of hiring virtual receptionists is the field of medicine. Many hospitals and clinics have come to realize that this is a cost efficient way to interact with patients and clients. For the medical industry, hiring virtual receptionists is an intelligent choice as proven by many small businesses who are currently taking advantage of its many benefits.

But why take the leap to outsource your telephone service? Why take the “risk” of working with a person whom you have no personal access to, when you could just hire an in-house assistant or receptionist? Here is a list of the reasons why for most physicians, hiring an online telephone answering service is well worth any believed risk.

  1. Virtual receptionists take care of tedious and repetitive tasks that are usually handled by secretaries, personal assistants and telephone operators. These tasks include answering inbound calls, forwarding calls, scheduling appointments, taking messages and taking orders, among others.
  2. Virtual receptionists help improve a medical clinic’s responsiveness to its patients. When you outsource receptionists, you can make sure that no call will ever be missed. This is because hosted receptionists and their customer support are available all day, every day. All calls are guaranteed to be answered by live persons – an important factor in making your patients feel attended to and valued.
  3. Virtual receptionists save time. Imagine having to stop in the middle of a medical consultation just to answer the phone. With hosted receptionists, you don’t have to worry about missing that call or having to stop whatever you are doing in order to pick up the line. With online telephone services, you are sure that all calls are answered with promptness and attended to with focus and attention.
  4. Virtual receptionists save space in the office. Imagine your office measures only 500 square feet. If you hire an outsourced telephone answering service, you can say goodbye to additional tables, chairs, telephones, and other office supplies taking up valuable real estate in your clinic. All those supplies a regular receptionist would need in order to work efficiently to complete her 9-to-5 shift are no longer needed.
  5. Virtual receptionists ensure quality all the time. Most hosted receptionists have to undergo extensive training in order to gain all the skills to certify them for the position. They have call quality standards, often involving a review of a significant percentage of their calls. These calls are monitored by quality assurance teams, and satisfy the requirements of the job. These hosted receptionists are also required to provide call reporting at the end of the day, week or month.
  6. Finally and most importantly for any business, virtual receptionists save you money – huge amounts of money – which in the end will most benefit your clinic in the long run. Imagine not having to recompense for your receptionist’s regular day or night job. Imagine not having to pay employee benefits like insurance and social security. Imagine not having to worry about what your receptionist is doing in her downtime.

When determining what receptionist company is right for you, think about your options. Is the company US based? Does the company have 24 hour availability? Can you customize your script and make changes and updates on the fly (and for free)? Would you just do after hours and weekends or 24/7? The best receptionist companies will be able to work with your business and walk you through all your options for making the most of your virtual receptionist.

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